How to Avoid the 10 Cardinal Sins of Bad Writing—and Prevent Your Copy From Ending up in the Trash

Written communications have never been more important. Just as high-quality documents can reinforce the value you deliver and burnish your clients’ reputations, poor, sloppy writing can totally undermine your message. Learn how to identify the 10 cardinal sins of writing: the errors that can cause your audience to dismiss your work immediately.

You will get a refresher course in the basics of clear, concise writing, with tips and tools you can share with colleagues to avoid these pitfalls. You’ll learn how to establish a baseline of quality for all written documents.

Brittany and Scott will examine common mistakes, including:

  • Misused punctuation
  • Frequent syntax errors
  • Poor sentence construction
  • The perils of clichés and jargon
  • Misunderstood grammar rules
  • Scott Leff
    Leff Communications
  • Brittany Petersen
    Editorial Manager
    Leff Communications