How Target disrupted its internal communications channels to modernize its culture

The past decade saw major changes in the world of retail—and major internal upheavals at Target. Employee confidence was shaken, and internal communications was tasked with rebuilding pride in the company. Their first step? Rethink the channels they used to reach employees and find new, creative ways to raise morale and keep their workforce inspired. A four-year effort completely transformed Target’s internal culture.

Key Highlights:

  • Assess the success of your current channels and identify new, more effective ways to reach employees
  • Give leadership communications a key role in keeping your workforce on the same page
  • Identify the new roles and processes you’ll need in place to make your programs a success
  • Find creative ways to re-allocate your budget and gain buy-in for more funding
  • Develop a new voice for your internal communications that’s in line with your new culture
  • Sean Madigan
    Sr. Director, Communications