How Tapestry turned a flailing intranet into a must-have employee portal

Let’s face it—most intranets are overscrutinized, underfunded and understrategized. Whether you created your organization’s intranet or not, it’s now yours to manage and improve. In a world where budget dollars and resources are harder and harder to come by, intranet managers are challenged to do more with less. With the right technology and approach, you can turn your intranet into a vital portal your employees will want to use every day.

Key Highlights:

  • Use employee feedback to determine your intranet’s biggest shortcomings
  • Reflect on business goals to prioritize realistic, attainable steps to get back on track
  • Rely less on IT and take your portal’s destiny into your own hands
  • Align your goals with supported projects to obtain funding and resources
  • Use positive feedback to gain executive support for your vision
  • Dante Ragazzo
    Senior director, digital workplace,
    Tapestry (over brands including Kate Spade and Coach)