How Social Media Platforms Became COVID-19 Response Networks

Social media platforms have offered organizations ways to connect and engage with target stakeholders in a quickly moving news cycle, but amid the COVID-19 pandemic, these digital channels have become emergency response networks as well as crucial connection points for people struggling with self-isolation and quarantine measures. Aleksandra Kuzmanovic, Social Media Manager for the World Health Organization, will share how WHO collaborated with social media platforms to respond in the outbreak and issue life-saving information as the organization drove engagement up five times more than last year.

You’ll learn:

Tips for increasing engagement with virtual Q&A and challenges such as #SafeHands

How to encourage people to connect in new ways on Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more

What you should know about misinformation across social media platforms

Ways to lean on technology such as chatbots, apps and livestreams to further your message

  • Aleksandra Kuzmanovic
    Social Media Manager
    World Health Organization (WHO)