“How? Now. Wow!” The formula that can superpower your content ROI

Do you feel overwhelmed by demands to produce better content—and more of it? What if you could learn an inspiring method of increasing the quality of your content while also increasing reach and results? Hear how the magic of an analytics-friendly “How? Now. Wow!” editorial architecture can reinvigorate your content and reignite ROI. You’ll also learn how to build a content program that achieves measurable results every step of the way—and how to track those metrics across paid, earned and owned media.

Key Highlights:

  • The truth about data: Why it’s a cure and not a curse for creativity
  • A process to create measurable “How? Now. Wow!” content
  • How to track success for each of these content types across all touch points
  • Content and measurement lessons from real “How? Now. Wow!” programs, including the “Workplace Happiness Index” and the “Monster 100”
  • Cool new ideas for content that converts
  • Margaret Magnarelli
    VP of Marketing