How Communicators and HR Can Break Down Silos and Work Together on DEI

Historically, matters of diversity, equity and inclusion have fallen solely in the domain of human resources. Today, organizations realize that communications play a huge role in the success of these initiatives, whether you’re speaking to employees, customers or other stakeholders. Yet, silos still remain between the two departments. Join us for a look at how communicators and HR professionals can work together more efficiently to achieve important progress.

Learn how to:

  • Work collaboratively with HR to identify areas of improvement, collect employee feedback, and improve communications around DEI
  • Ensure DEI programs feature thoughtful and comprehensive messaging to internal and external audiences
  • Make DEI an integral part of your employer brand
  • Regularly spotlight DEI progress made by your HR team in your PR efforts
  • Alyssa Hagan
    Associate director of internal communications and engagement
    Encompass Health Corp.