How a proper content strategy can make you a corporate communications powerhouse

In a sea of content, corporate communicators have to strike a fine balance when crafting and distributing branded messages, images and videos. Too much can tire your audience and add more noise to the already busy digital landscape, but too little can cause your organization to suffer from decreased visibility and engagement. Therese Van Ryne, director of global PR for Zebra Technologies, will show you how to toe the line and excel at corporate content best practices—starting from the very beginning. She’ll walk you through how to create a winning corporate content strategy, including mapping out your audience, building and monitoring an engagement plan and how to produce content from data and analytics.

Key Highlights:

  • The questions you must answer to uncover your brand’s voice and mission
  • How to set measureable and achievable goals
  • How data can help you better understand and target your audience
  • Strategies and tactics to reach internal and external audiences—and boost your brand’s presence in the process
  • Therese Van Ryne
    Head of global PR, thought leadership and corporate social responsibility
    Zebra Technologies