How a consumer-centric strategy helps marry content and business goals

Outstanding content marketing strategies require you to produce articles, videos and images that resonate with consumers. Otherwise, you’re shouting into a void. The key to creating content that attracts your audience but also helps you achieve your organization’s goals is all about putting consumers first and thinking through solutions from their viewpoint. How can you gain a better handle on the challenges and victories of your stakeholders? Go to them directly for stories. Christopher Carfi, director of content marketing at GoDaddy, will share how you can uncovering stories and subject matter experts within your customer base and employee teams—and then use those voices to create content that sings.

Key Highlights:

  • Secrets to match elements of sizzle-worthy content to business and branding goals
  • How to translate technical ideas and concepts into useful content that audiences understand
  • Ways to find consumer stories and use them to drive brand awareness and loyalty
  • Tips for identifying and working with employee subject experts—as well as pairing their voices with external influencers
  • How opening up your publishing opportunities can add humanity and authenticity to your content
  • Christopher Carfi
    Director of content marketing