#HomeSweetOffice: How to Tap the 3Cs to Re-engage a Remote Workforce

Charging into the new normal with digital tools alone will set you up for failure. Join to hear how a “digital plus” approach recently connected 35,000 workers worldwide by marrying tech to core communication principles like Clarity, Compassion and Care. The end result was two years of digital transformation in two months—and more human collaboration. You’ll learn:

  • Home base: How to integrate your intranet with Teams
  • How to create a better feedback loop with microsite resource centers, Power Automate, FAQs and other tools
  • The 3 Cs: Best channels to create and drive care, compassion and clarity (including CEO meetings, videos for all associates, twice weekly emails)
  • Digital innovation: How to experiment and bridge gaps in your tech stack with mobile apps like Yammer
  • Peter Stern
    Manager of Digital Communications
    Ferguson Enterprises