Harnessing Creativity: Ignite Your Imagination for Captivating Copy and Campaigns

Creativity is a competitive edge for communicators who want to move their audiences. In this session, discover how to tap into your imagination and harness outside thinking to fuel big ideas leading to content that informs, inspires and is impossible to ignore. Ignite your inner creator by stepping way outside of the box. You’ll learn: 

  • The importance of innovation in business — and how meaningful innovation leads to smarter content creation 
  • How to push outside of the box: Principles, tools and exercises to overcome barriers
    to creativity and innovation at your organization  
  • How to find new inspiration for greater creativity to fuel your storytelling 
  • Practical ways to brainstorm bold, brilliant and beautiful ideas faster 
  • How to find joy in your work through igniting imagination
  • Ted Curtin
    Chief Innovation Officer
    Prodigy Works