Harness technology to cultivate outstanding executive communications

It’s crucial that employees understand and live your organization’s mission and vision. With the help of technology, your organization’s leaders can foster a culture of connectivity and innovation, inspiring employees to get involved. These tools and resources can also ensure your employees receive current information, updates and changes, and can help you stand out against the plethora of messages they receive each day across their devices. John Cirone, director of leader and employee communications at Microsoft, and Christina Torok, senior product marketing manager at Microsoft, will show you how the many facets of Microsoft 365 can boost your leadership communications and better foster a workplace of interaction and involvement.

You’ll learn:

  • Microsoft’s approach to executive and employee communications
  • Ways to better reach your workforce through Q&As, town halls and more
  • Tips for integrating Microsoft Teams, Streams and Yammer into your internal and employee communications efforts
  • Lessons learned from harnessing technology to increase interactions between employees and executives
  • John Cirone
    Director of Leader and Employee Communications
  • Christina Torok
    Senior product marketing manager