Hackers to Attack Journalists: How to defend against today’s most common crises

The world has changed—and communicators must keep up if they want to protect and promote their brands in the age of cyber threats and 24/7 online media. This inspiring and informative keynote will arm you with insight into—and defense against—the latest cyber threats facing companies today, and the know-how you need to effectively communicate with the online and mainstream media during any crisis by developing key themes for confrontational and non-confrontational settings. Based on his near two-decade experience as a crisis communicator with the FBI, Jeff Lanza will also explain how to avoid media traps, how to avoid being taken out of context and how to deliver clear and concise messages that will help your organization avoid a communication crisis.

Key Highlights:

  • Emerging threats: Cyber crime, account hijacking and more
  • How to protect your brand against these vulnerabilities
  • The new media mindset: What motivates journalists to attack
  • Proven message development and delivery strategies
  • Seven practical steps for a successful interview