Getting to Yes: Bridging Partisan Divides to Eliminate Gridlock and Achieve Goals

The standoff to name a House Speaker and ensuing 2024 budget showdown made it clear: “crossing the aisle” and “bipartisanship” have become four letter words in politics. Yet those in the trenches know that compromise is the best way to get to yes. Join to master the fine (yet disappearing) art of finding the middle so you can move your initiatives forward. You’ll hear how local, state and federal orgs alike are bridging divides on critical issues in a divisive election year. We’ll cover:

  • A “Purple State of Mind”: How to communicate effectively with a divided public by focusing on building relationships instead of barriers.
  • Inspiring examples: From overcoming the Glass and Bamboo Ceilings in politics to healing after BLM protests — how others are building unifying platforms.
  • Inclusivity matters: How to improve the accessibility of your comms — and eliminate unconscious bias and divisive rhetoric from speeches and other channels.
  • De-escalation strategies: Conflict resolution techniques communicators can use when audiences include hecklers, naysayers and provocateurs — online and IRL.
  • Storytelling bonus: How to use authentic, personal storytelling to tear down barriers (stories you hear in this portion will be deeply personal, sometimes painful).
  • Bob Day
    Chief of Police
    City of Portland, Oregon
  • Tabitha Clark, APR
    Senior Communications Manager / President NAGC
    City of Perry, GA
  • Fiona Ma
    The State of California