Getting creative mileage out of your content

Every organization has great ideas to share with the world—thought leadership, quotes from a great media interview or public event, powerful data or market insight and research. Problem is, too often those great details get shared just once and never again. Getting more from your hard creative work doesn’t happen by chance—it follows from a process that isolates where your ideas come alive, how your story takes wing and why your audiences follow. Understanding how to build a longer runway for your content is a process that requires choice, focus and a sense for what will sell. We’ll help you do that.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

Recognize the kernel of irresistibility within all your content and how to recycle it

Work within the confines of traditional communications deliverables—speeches, press releases, media campaigns—to create extra lift for social media

Create the kind of statements of work that good creative partners need before they can help you activate your vision without a lot of drama

  • Lily Chow
    Art director
    30 Point Strategies
  • Noam Neusner
    Speechwriter for former President George W. Bush