Gauging Sentiment to Engagement: Best Practices for Measuring Employee Communications

Email, Teams and Intranets are the top three corporate communications channels, yet communicators struggle with knowing what’s going on and how effective their messaging is, while employees struggle with communications overload and either missing or ignoring critical messaging. Join Michael DesRochers, Managing Director of PoliteMail, as he covers key findings of PoliteMail’s annual benchmark report, insights and best practices to measure and improve strategic corporate communications in Outlook email, Teams, and intranets.

During this session you will:

  • Learn the key measures of reach, readership and engagement for each of your comms platforms.
  • Key insights and best practices from PoliteMail’s 2023 Benchmark data analysis.
  • Learn what the top-rated communicators are doing to overcome overload and increase readership.
  • Get insights to improve email messaging decisions and timing.
  • Learn how to get a measure of employee sentiment and trends.
  • Michael DesRochers
    Founder and managing director
    PoliteMail Software