Gaining Market Share: Communicating Successful DEI Initiatives to Attract Customers and Improve Brand Awareness and Reputation

A company is only as strong as the brand message you communicate each time a customer interacts with your organization. If you fail to establish trust your brand’s attempts to reach new and diverse customers and communities will fail. In this session, we will examine ways to augment your marketing strategy with Diversity & Inclusion in order to enter new demographics and build a stronger brand in today’s new world. We will look at:

  • Building trust with niche audiences for both staff and customer recruitment
  • Developing strategic community resource partnerships and building an authentic outreach and marketing plan
  • Best practices for marketing, sales and external communications to partner with DEI teams
  • Developing a people-focused bottom line in addition to financial results
  • Marietta Hannigan
    EVP & Chief Strategy, Corporate Development & Communications Officer
  • Amanda Jorgensen
    Strategic Program Manager
    Ragan Communications