Future-Proof Your Social Media: Keys to a Responsive Social Media Strategy

In today’s dynamic media landscape, brands have more channels than ever to get their message out. However, the consequence of more potential paths is more opportunities to stumble of venture the wrong way. This forward-looking panel will help you stay on track no matter what’s next, especially in the upcoming election year. With insights from digital experts at the intersection of politics, social media and comms, you’ll learn:

  • How to future-proof your comms by using social media to buy goodwill and offset crises — and by leveraging a values-driven social strategy
  • Best practices in social media thought leadership so your organization can write and post responsibly on hot topics and critical issues
  • How to stay on top of trends through social listening and polls
  • How to extract insights from your social media analytics to create more responsive, real-time social media — no matter what external changes arise
  • Domonique James
    Founder and CEO
    Politics with Purpose
  • Jennifer Beam
    Director of Advocacy Social and Digital Media
  • Adrienne Sheares
    Vivimae Labs
  • Krysten Copeland
    Communications Strategist, Founder
    KC & Co Communication