From Under the Desk to Capitol Hill: How Social Media Is Changing the News, the Law and the World

In recent years, social media has fundamentally altered the way we discover and consume news and information — with nearly 30% of U.S. adults saying they get some of their news from TikTok alone — and discussions around its future, scope and impact are topics not just individuals, but institutions, organizations and world governments must grapple with. At the nexus of these discussions are creators, the voices who reach millions — or even billions — with their creativity and communication. This keynote features Vitus “V” Spehar, known on TikTok and across social media as Under the Desk News, whose approach to news reporting have earned them 3 million TikTok followers, the respect of storied journalistic organizations and a voice on Capitol Hill and the global stage.

V will dive into the evolution of platforms such as TikTok, and how the future of these outlets is intertwined with the practice of journalism and the consumption of information in the coming years. They’ll explore the dynamics between social media and world governments, and discuss what it’s like to collaborate with U.S. presidents, social media executives and world leaders as an advocate for creating safe spaces online. Join V for a thought-provoking examination of the intersection of journalism, legislation, technology and humanity.

  • V Spehar
    Creator, Journalist, Podcaster
    Under the Desk News