From Email to Tweets: How COVID-19 Changed the Digital & Social Media Crisis Response

Social media has decreased the crisis response window to mere hours—and in some cases, minutes. The pandemic has further changed the course of crisis communications and turned digital strategies upside down as misinformation and cases spread. How prepared are you to respond as the seconds tick down and the pressure is on? In this fireside discussion, you’ll learn how to continue your social media outreach in ways that strengthens your brand reputation, along with ways to avoid criticism, tips for adjusting your online crisis response, and how to fight against fake news and misinformation as you continue to engage audiences across digital platforms.

You’ll learn:

  • How to set your crisis threshold to determine when to join the conversation vs. remain silent
  • Ways to adjust expectations and help leaders, clients and more adapt to the “new normal” online
  • How to offer resources, helpful information and even entertainment, catered to your audience’s needs
  • Tips for navigating the current landscape and weighing risks through social listening and more
  • Considerations for social media content and messages during COVID-19
  • Ellen Gerstein
    Senior Director, Content Strategy & Engagement, Corporate Affairs
  • Dominic Parero
    Executive Director of Strategic Marketing
    UCLA Health