From Boring Brand to Adoring Fans: How being real on social media will connect any organization with a loyal, growing audience

We all have an audience (No, really!), and competition for that audience is the noisiest it’s ever been. Break through that noise and deliver content that connects with people who may not have considered your information valuable. Discover how to change your organization’s image by delighting your audience and capturing their hearts.

Jeremy Bertrand of the Washington State Department of Transportation will show how his agency used humor, honesty, useful news and touching stories to build trust and gain more than 200,000 followers. His department generated posts that reached more than a million people. His posts were mentioned on Good Morning America and ABC Nightly News.

Key Highlights:

  • Mine your organization for stories and messages that create surprise and delight and increase your followers
  • Use social media for visible, valuable conversations that pay off in a loyal fan base that defends your brand
  • Connect with your audience as people, not data points, who will help you develop a more responsive, human organization
  • Be authentic so people trust you and your information
  • Stop counting likes; deliver qualitative reports that influence your bosses
  • Zero in on the channels that get information to people where they are
  • Jeremy Bertrand
    Digital Strategist
    Washington State Department of Transportation