‘Friends on the other side’: Behind the scenes with influencers and content creators

Most PR, marketing and social media pros have worked with influencers to power their campaigns and reach new audiences. Though many organizations are including influencer relations as a focus—and backing that focus with a bigger budget—questions remain. How can you best partner with these influential content creators in ways that benefit both sides? The secrets lie in understanding and tapping into influencers’ passions and communities. In this interactive fireside with Rachelle Lucas, blogger and owner of “The Travel Bite,” you’ll glean insights behind what makes her content sing—along with how to effectively work with content creators.

You’ll learn:

  • What influencers look for when working with organizations and how you can determine a fit
  • Ideas and insights from compelling blog and social media posts that drive consumers to click
  • Ways to spark creativity and deliver value to online communities
  • Blogging and influencer campaign pitfalls to avoid
  • Rachelle Lucas
    The Travel Bite