‘Following the leader’: How Microsoft connects with employees to boost engagement and culture

Microsoft has undergone a rapid culture change in recent years, becoming a people-centered organization with a mindset on growth and connection. To enact this transformation, Microsoft’s leaders turned to social media to share their vision for the future as well as take the pulse of employees and elicit feedback. Whether preparing for an organizational change or seeking to increase employee engagement, you can harness lessons learned to cultivate a thriving company culture and connected employees. In this bonus session, Kasia Krzoska, senior product manager at Microsoft, will showcase the company’s strategy and toolkit that bridged the distance between leadership and their modern, global workforce, as well as address issues and take important steps towards reaching their company goals.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways to assess your organization’s culture to embrace what’s working—and confront what’s not
  • Digital tools and processes that can help your leaders better engage with employees
  • How to encourage your employees to share their feedback and new ideas
  • How social media strategies can increase transparency and help your workforce become actively involved in your mission
  • Kasia Krzoska
    Senior product manager