Focused on Employees: Engagement, Communication and Recognition Virtual Summit on Demand

Employee communications are vital to an organization’s success. Today’s mobile-friendly world has us scrambling to find the best ways to engage, recognize and communicate with our employees. How should an organization reach and engage its workforce? What are the secrets to a successful employee recognition program? How do communicators get their messages to the right internal audiences? In this immersive virtual summit, you’ll learn from top experts at the Holtz Communication + Technology, Ball Corporation and Medstar Medical. They’ll discuss how three very different entities communicate and engage with their employees—especially during a time of change.

Here’s a sample of the techniques and insights you’ll learn at this one-of-a-kind virtual summit:

  • Why CEOs are eliminating the employee communications function, folding it into marketing or PR
  • The consequences businesses face today because of ineffective internal communication
  • Leader engagement: How to teach leaders to credibly deliver key messages Onboarding employees:
  • Ensure that new employees not only feel welcome but also understand your organization’s business, vision, history, culture and expectations
  • Build an internal strategy that reinforces your brand in a fun, motivational way
  • Shel Holtz
    Holtz Communication + Technology
  • Renee Robinson
    Director of corporate communications
    Ball Corporation
  • Barbara Farson
    Corporate communications manager
    Ball Corporation
  • Luiz Henrique Gonçalves
    Corporate communications manager
    Ball Corporation
  • Tia Mason Howard
    Internal communications director
    MedStar Medical Group