Five Essential Elements of a Successful Change Management Plan

Managing change has become an integral part of our role as communications professionals. We sit at the center of driving successful transformation and serve an instrumental role in helping employees and other key stakeholders understand and navigate through the changes underway within our organizations.

As we prepare for the next wave of change – from returning to the office, to internal restructurings, ongoing furloughs and lay-offs, and new business strategies and priorities – anchoring our communications within structured and integrated change management plans will be important.

Join this session to learn foundational principles, gain insights and hear best practices that will help you build an impactful plan.

During this session, you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of navigating through the change curve
  • The connection between neuroscience and audience engagement
  • Key considerations for change communications planning
  • Stakeholder assessment tactics to apply during enterprise-wide transformation
  • Strategies to maintain two-way communication during change
  • Diana Peltier
    Change Communications Consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group