Finding Friends: How to Achieve Results from Creator and Influencer Collaborations

The creator and influencer space has matured, and with it the strategies needed to create successful content that yields results in collaboration with these talented individuals. In this session, a creator/social media pair who has navigated the dynamics of influencer/relationships will examine how these partnerships have evolved, what creators want and how to best work with them to connect with their communities. You’ll discover:

  • First-hand advice from brand leaders and the creators they work with about creating collaborative, authentic content that achieves brand objectives.
  • Effective ways to build and nurture strong relationships with creators, and tips for understanding what they seek from brand partnerships.
  • Tips for tracking and identifying opportunities to reach highly targeted, relevant communities ready to engage with your brand.
  • How to navigate the evolving landscape of platform policies and creator expectations to stay relevant and adapt to changes.
  • Lia Stewart
    Creator Marketing Manager
    eos Products
  • Carley Caldas
    Vice President of Brand Marketing & Media
    eos Products