Fact or Fiction: The 2018 #FakeNews Virtual Summit

Trust is hard to gain and even easier to lose. What happens when your company or message is brought into the realm of #FakeNews? One misstep and you can be on the wrong end of a news cycle. Fear not, this immersive summit is designed to help you navigate the murky waters and maintain the trust you’ve worked so hard to develop.

What you’ll learn:

  • How media outlets like the Chicago Tribune properly vet their sources
  • Ways to respond to comments on your posts to reduce the rumors that fuel “fake news”
  • Analytics protocols to ensure your content strategy is accurate
  • What role businesses play in informing the public
  • Mark Jacob
    Former metro editor
    Chicago Tribune
  • Jenn Herman
    Jenn's Trends
  • Amanda Robinson
    The Digital Gal
  • Tonia Ries
    Global executive director of IP