Expand Your Reach with Video: How to Spread Information and Make a Splash on TikTok

Today’s audiences are looking for new experiences and seeking information in different ways than before, meaning communicators must shake up their strategies to truly reach them. Especially for younger audiences, platforms like TikTok can offer huge opportunities to bolster your image and spread information, but you must actively engage and innovate. Alyssa Rodriguez, Director of Education at the Oklahoma Aquarium, will share how the organization has harnessed TikTok to fufill their mission to inspire education and conversation—even as their doors remained shut during COVID-19.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways you can jump on the TikTok trend and take risks to better connect with younger and digital-first audiences—and establish authority within your organization
  • Creative social media content examples and ideas for innovating on a shoe string budget
  • How to ignore the “shiny object syndrome” and focus on steady growth through consistent content and engagement strategies
  • How to harness TikTok for social listening, brand awareness and engagement
  • Alyssa Rodriguez
    Director of Education
    Oklahoma Aquarium