Executing a Dispersed Workplace Wellness Action Plan

Nowadays many organizations have a dispersed workforce and are always rethinking workplace wellness for the work-from-home environment. Studies say remote work improves employees’ work-life balance, but studies also say it has adversely affected workers’ mental and physical health. This session will explore the impact of remote work on employees’ wellbeing and identify steps employers can take to maintain a healthy workforce. As working from home becomes the new normal,

  • Integrating AI tools and tactics to communicate wellness benefits with your dispersed workforce and monitor their use
  • Ensuring your wellness programs are reaching all of your remote workers
  • They key to a successful collaboration between HR and ERGs so your wellness champions are promoting their action plans
  • Creating clear remote work policies that comply with your company’s regulations and avoid putting the organization at risk
  • Miikelle Mitchell
    Executive Director
    Michigan Universities Coalition on Health