ESG Primer: The Communicator’s Guide

According to McKinsey, “ESG helps companies reduce risk.” But what exactly does that mean? What is ESG besides a buzzy acronym, why is it essential and no longer just “nice to have”—and what precisely are the risks of not threading it into your business and communications plans? In this session you’ll learn:

  • The FAQ: What ESG is, isn’t and can be for your organization and team
  • Why ESG: Risks to reputation that ESG can address (adverse government action, investor backlash, public demonization, employee disengagement and more)
  • The Philanthropy > CSR > ESG journey: What drives each phase, what each looks like and who’s responsible
  • Where to start: Six practical steps to ensure ESG success
  • Jessie Sitnick
    Vice President of Corporate and Public Affairs
    Argyle PR