Ensuring Engagement for All: How to Improve Social Media Accessibility

Social media accessibility still lags despite growing DE&I awareness. Join to elevate your social media accessibility so it’s always an integral part of your social media strategy, and not just when disability or inclusivity dates loom. Together, we’ll break down accessibility best practices for social channels and explore how to amplify your engagement in the process. You’ll learn:

  • Culture matters: How to foster a culture of inclusivity internally before posting externally
  • How to incorporate accessibility guidelines into your social content and sharing
  • An example of what inclusive, accessible social content should look and sound like
  • Checklist: Social media accessibility features on top platforms and how to leverage them
  • How to optimize images for screen readers, utilize alt text, caption videos and employ inclusive language to enhance engagement for a diverse audience
  • Closing comments on AI and Threads: Where these tools and platforms fall short
  • Priya Bates
    President & Author
    Inner Strength Communications, "Building a Culture of Inclusivity"
  • Emily Lucht
    Director of Digital Communications
    U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation