Enhancing the Employee Experience

In today’s competitive business landscape, a positive and engaging employee experience is vital for attracting, retaining and empowering top talent. In this interactive workshop, we’ll share strategies and best practices to better the employee experience, create a compelling employee value proposition and empower the employee voice and feedback. These practical techniques will increase employee productivity, engagement and retention. Learn about:

  • The power of storytelling: Understand the impact of creating compelling narratives that communicate your brand’s values to create emotional connections with your employees.
  • Effective communication channels: Build the content framework you need to ensure seamless information flow, promote transparency, and enable meaningful employee engagement.
  • Build a culture of recognition and appreciation: How to keep all employees motivated, encourage self-management and optimize organizational performance.
  • Feedback and measurement: KPIs to help monitor, adjust and improve your leadership strategies, channels and content.
  • Tammy Dudek
    Intranet Strategist
  • Jim Ylisela
    Co-Founder and Senior Partner
    Ragan Consulting Group