Enhance internal communications and content through storytelling

If you struggle to boost employee readership, and your internal communications could use revitalizing, take a page from Duke University’s approach. Many organizations spend tens of millions providing employee benefits such as health insurance, retirement and financial security programs—but do employees perceive the hidden value of these programs? Leanora Minai, communications director for the Office of Communication Services at Duke University, and her editorial team approach employee communications like journalists, offering “news you can use” to 38,000 employees across print and digital platforms. The result: better retention and enhanced job satisfaction. You can replicate their success by moving beyond boilerplate announcements to conceiving and framing narratives that bring your organization’s stories to life.

Key Highlights:

  • How to conceptualize and frame a story to convey theme and meaning
  • How interviews can lead to rich detail, placing readers inside stories
  • How to use data to ground a story contextually
  • Why sharing stories on multiple platforms is important in Duke’s internal communications
  • How to select content types and distribution methods based on employee feedback
  • Leanora Minai
    Executive director, communications
    Duke University