Engaging White Males as True Champions for Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion strategies are formed around the inequities, biases, barriers and challenges that marginalized groups face. However, an unintended outcome of focusing DEI work around these groups is that the dominant employee group, white males, ends up less engaged in D&I efforts than their underrepresented colleagues.  In this session we will examine best practices to engage white males and ensure that they are champions and allies of diversity and inclusion. We will look at:

  • Understanding the shared perceptions and concerns white males have about D&I initiatives
  • Starting with open and honest dialogue with your white male population
  • Communicating how the organization and all its members, including white males, stand to gain by a diverse workforce
  • Showcasing metrics to directly link D&I activities to business strategy and outcomes so white males do not feel threatened or sidelined
  • Teaching your most prominent employee demographic how to talk and act with D&I in mind
  • James Lucier
    Executive Vice President
  • James White
    Head of Diversity & Inclusion
    Lord Abbett
  • Vinny Catalano
    Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits
    Lockton Insurance Brokers LLC
  • Nick Coy
    Director - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    Dutch Bros Coffee
  • Lee Rubin
    Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Adam Solarz
    Global Head of Internal and Client Communications
  • Alonda Williams
    Senior Vice President & Chief Experience Officer
    YMCA of Greater Seattle