Engaging Every Employee: Building Better Multigenerational Comms

Today’s global workforce includes new Gen Z grads, midcareer Millennials and mid- to late-career Gen X employees. Many of them work remotely or in a hybrid model. The pandemic has also accelerated the transition of the workforce, and some organizations are now facing the challenge of effectively communicating with multigenerational employees. This session will share comms techniques and strategies to bridge the generational gap, regardless of preferred communications styles. You’ll also discover how to encourage younger employees with purposeful mentorship programs, how to prevent ageism in your comms and much more. You’ll walk away with:

  • Statistics and strategies: Psychographics and data about the various generations in the workplace, from Boomers to Gen X, and Millennials to Gen Z.
  • How to adapt your messages and channels for remote and hybrid workers across generations.
  • How to foster collaboration among employees of different generations in a post-COVID, hybrid workplace.
  • Who’s Next: After Gen Z comes Gen Alpha — early insights about the youngest demographic now entering high school
  • Kathryn Chappell
    Senior Vice President and Partner,
  • Karla Chaman
    Deputy Division Chief of Internal Communications