Employee Engagement 2.0: Inspire staff with kazoos, kudos and apps

Trust and transparency are at the very bedrock of internal communications and company culture. Learn how to build transparency, inspire trust and engage your greatest assets (employees) via traditional and new digital forums alike. You’ll hear how Jack in the Box aligns and inspires employees with interactive internal meetings—and a new recognition program dubbed Rave. Don’t miss this if you want to create an open environment that fosters fun, drives dialogue, boosts morale, encourages collaboration and more.

Key Highlights:

  • Fun, cost-effective ideas for interactive, meaningful meetings
  • How these meetings can build trust and transparency
  • How to connect senior executives with employees—digitally and in person
  • Surprising ways to reinforce company values and culture
  • How to boost employee engagement with a mobile app that celebrates work accomplishments, awards points and includes internal social media posts
  • Golda Akhgarnia
    Director of internal communications
, Director of diversity and inclusion
    Jack in the Box