Empathy and Urgency: How Communicators Can Lead the Way

It all starts with one alert. In 178 characters or less, The Weather Channel informs consumers that their lives are about to change: “Active Threat: Take Cover Now. Tornado visually observed. Flying debris could be dangerous. Move to the interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building.” In the moments that matter most, clear and effective communication is more than just critical—it’s life or death. As the CMO of The Weather Company, Randi Stipes knows this better than most. Whether you’re saving lives or providing audiences with useful information to make everyday decisions, the role of the communications leader in today’s ultra-connected world is more important than ever. In this session, she’ll share:

  • Insights into how communicators can lead the way through communicating with empathy and urgency
  • Principles driving The Weather Channel’s work keeping consumers safe and informed during severe weather events
  • Best practices for building ongoing, trusted connections with audiences
  • A look at the ever-evolving role that advanced technology—including AI—can play in helping communicators make an impact and save lives