Elevating Your Executive Comms

In today’s landscape of reputational minefields and looming crises, employees and external audiences alike look at the words and behaviors of leaders as models for what an organization believes and practices. When the messages your executives share internally can become external news in an instant, it’s crucial that your executive messaging strategy includes comms, marketing and social media pros alike.

We’ll explore:

  • What research says about the most effective platforms and mediums for executive comms, from LinkedIn posts and podcasts to blogs and micro-sites.
  • Tips for coaching your leaders and executives to speak with intention for maximum social impact and stay on message in town halls, social media posts and more.
  • Strategies for crafting ‘mixternal’ executive comms that can are safe to share internally and externally.
  • Tactics for mitigating reputational damage when an exec goes off message on social media.
  • Deanna Stevens Ulrich
    Associate Director of Digital Content
    Kent State University