Elevating the Employee Experience: Co-Creating a Workplace Where Employees Choose to Stay

Studies over the past two decades have shown that worldwide employee engagement levels are alarmingly low. Business leaders and human resources practitioners today still struggle to move the needle on this critical measurement of organizational health as the Great Resignation of talent is underway. The answer to this problem lies in the concept of employee experience. In this session, Jonathan Villaire, Point32Health’s head of employee experience, will give attendees a look into his company’s employee experience journey. He will:

  • Explain the true meaning of employee experience through the lens of brain science and use this perspective to change the way we think about attracting, engaging, and retaining employees
  • Show you how to treat employees as consumers looking for a great place to spend their talent
  • Share his employee experience philosophy as it relates to the modern workplace
  • Ways to identify common obstacles to this evolutionary employee listening channel and develop ways to overcome them
  • Help you understand what it takes to craft a winning employee experience strategy in today’s highly competitive talent market
  • Jonathan D. Villaire
    Head of Employee Experience