Dynamic Crisis Response: Managing the Breaking Cyberattack Story

It’s not if, but when a cyberattack will hit your company. You must be ready to manage the story as it is happening. Microsoft is no stranger to hackers and mass cyberattacks. Russ McRee, head of security operations at Microsoft, will provide insights gleaned through his experience and share best practices as to how you can communicate with your employees, customers, government agencies and the media while the chaos ensues.

In this session we will look at:

  • How communications teams can best determine their priorities right from the start of a cyberattack
  • When to inform your employees of a cyberattack and guide them with what they need to do and what they can and cannot say outside of the company
  • How to provide advance notification to government agencies
  • Ways to leverage data and insights to inform responses and key communication messages
  • How to best handle media and press communications to ensure an accurate portrayal of the breach
  • Russ McRee
    Senior Director Security Operations & Incident Response
    Microsoft Security Response Center
  • Julie Joseph
    Director, IT Communications