Don’t Stay in Your Lane: Building a Partnership with HR and Internal Comms

With internal communications and human resources engaging the same audience, a harmonious relationship between the two departments is essential. The pandemic challenged these functions to re-think how to communicate more effectively with employees wherever they are in a constantly changing environment. In this session, we will share real-time examples of how Cone Health’s Marketing & Communications and People & Culture teams partner to impact employee engagement, recruitment, retention, wellness, DE&I and more. We will look at how to:

  • Build a mutual understanding between the two departments to discuss tasks, challenges and achievements.
  • Break down the silos between departments and focus on the shared goals.
  • Work in tandem to learn about your people and create compelling narratives to boost employee engagement and enrich your workplace culture.
  • Identify your internal champions together to ensure that company changes or significant policy communications are not only seen but acted upon.
  • Use employee engagement and pulse surveys data to measure success.
  • Katherine Clark
    Assistant Director of Communications
    Cone Health
  • Debi Miller
    Director of Communications
    Cone Health