Don’t be boring! Pro tips for writing about even the most mundane topics

Most communicators have covered a tedious topic at one time or another. Whether it’s a corporate ribbon-cutting or the launch of a highly technical product, these pieces are often as much of a burden to write as they are to read. What’s a corporate storyteller to do with those assignments? In this session, JoAnna Klein, a contributor to The New York Times’ Trilobites series, shares her tips for writing dynamically about topics that others might never think could be interesting.

Key Highlights:

  • Find interesting stories from challenging and downright dull topics
  • Discover stories on unfamiliar subject matter through careful research
  • Challenge editorial standards and persuade leaders to take smart risks
  • Infuse fun into corporate writing without sacrificing professionalism
  • Make the technical fully accessible—without talking down to your audience
  • JoAnna Klein
    The New York Times