Doing Better PR with Less, and Having a Ton of Fun in the Process

What do Paul Rudd, a crayon shortage, a Microsoft Surface and lawnmower safety tips have in common? How do you pitch stories at a time when newsrooms, attention spans and the organic reach of social media are all shrinking? What could your brand possibly have in common with a local nonprofit children’s hospital? And most important, how could this session be better than a good afternoon nap? Jake Jacobson, Director of Public Relations at Children’s Mercy Kansas City, will share all of those answers and more.

Key Highlights:

  • How strategic storytelling can stretch your content further than you thought possible
  • How a cycle of content—crafting, pitching, amplifying—can create more ways to speak directly to a journalist or consumer
  • How to identify stories your audience will love, many of which are hiding in plain sight
  • The importance of identifying champions and cheerleaders inside and outside of your organization
  • How to find the best mix of channels and appeals to achieve your brand’s various strategic goals
  • Jake Jacobson
    Former director of PR
    Children’s Mercy Kansas City