Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I): Making Material Progress

As more communicators get the need for diverse staffing is a business mandate, not just a philanthropic desire, how do we better explore the issues that drive our employees to disconnect with cultural imperatives and, most importantly, understand what employees from all backgrounds are feeling?  In this session, we’ll talk about how comms can play a strategic role in understanding what progress looks like at your organization by making sure your DE&I agenda aligns with the agenda of your stakeholders.

We’ll discuss:

  • Better active listening strategies to ensure we know what all people are experiencing in our employee community through honest feedback
  • How proactive DE&I comms can combat the ‘quiet quitting’ phenomenon
  • Strategies for measuring progress and impact to ensure that employees are not only seeing change, but feeling it, too.
  • The role that communicators play in fostering psychological safety for all employees
  • Aray Rivera
    Sr. Manager, Internal Communications
    J. Crew
  • Justin Joffe
    Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief
    Ragan Communications
  • Suzy An
    VP, Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Leader
    Porter Novelli
  • Emily Graham
    Chief Equity & Impact Officer