Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Four-Part Certificate Course for Communicators – Part Three

Activate and Assess: How to Create and Measure DE&I Communications

DE&I communications must be monitored and managed just like any other business imperative. This session gives you the tools you need to craft and quantify your DE&I communications. You’ll learn:

  • Lessons and measurable takeaways from your inclusive language exercises
  • Essential elements of a successful DE&I Communications Plan
  • How to start your own DE&I communications plan (breakout sessions)
  • Matching DE&I communications to real KPIs: How to assign meaningful metrics
  • How other organizations integrate their plans into talent management lifecycles,
    business operations, decision making and communications outputs
  • How to turn data into insights that take your DE&I communications to the next level

Guest Spotlight:

  • A show-and-tell of Boston Scientific DE&I highlights
  • Kim Clark
    Affiliate Consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group
  • Joseph Dawson
    Director, strategic communications
    Freddie Mac
  • Vanessa Charles

    Manager of Internal Communications

    Boston Scientific