Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Four-Part Certificate Course for Communicators – Part Four

Delivering DE&I: How to Take Your Plan, Program and Skills to the Next Level

This is where DE&I takes a dive or soars. This session gives you the tools and tactics you need to turn a moment into a movement and make your DE&I program more impactful. You’ll learn:

  • Ideas to borrow: What other DE&I communications plans look like (breakout sessions)
  • What “Performative Communication” looks like and its impact on the organization
  • Tapping DE&I champions: How to partner with ERGs and engage leaders
  • What’s now and what’s next: How to embrace social justice communications
  • Why budgets are “moral documents”—and how to put dollars behind DE&I
  • Final insights to take your DE&I program to the next level of success
  • Kim Clark
    Affiliate Consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group
  • Janet M. Stovall
    Senior Client Strategist
    NeuroLeadership Institute