Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Certificate Course for Communicators – Module 3

How to Address and Pivot for DE&I Fatigue

Over the last few years, employees have been increasingly overwhelmed by initiatives that have failed to connect with them personally. Added to that, internal communicators are being forced to do more with less amid budget cuts to DE&I programs. In this final module, you’ll learn how to leverage storytelling techniques to effectively – and inexpensively – rejuvenate employee engagement with your diversity efforts. You’ll learn:

  • Storytelling amidst crisis: How real-time updates, empathy-driven leadership messaging, and support and resource sharing can highlight how a business is addressing specific needs during a time of crisis – and how ERGs can help you communicate the message effectively.
  • Making your DE&I strategies unforgettable: Tips and tricks to get your messaging to stick, including interactive content like quizzes and surveys and visual elements like videos and infographics.
  • Low budget strategies: How to use your existing communications tools and channels, including emails and newsletters, virtual meetings or town halls, and physical or digital bulletin boards like intranets to encourage DE&I conversations.
  • Employee generated content: Ways to encourage employees to share their personal narratives and diverse perspectives in cost-effective employee spotlights, internal podcasts, or in short-form video interviews.
  • Communicating during division: Strategies to promote open, respectful conversations where different perspectives can be shared and heard, while avoiding partisan messaging and neutrality in communications – plus, tips for training managers in the art of active listening.
  • Plus: How to integrate your DE&I plan into your company’s broader culture and values, making it a natural and ongoing part of organizational life.
  • Christina Frantom
    International Communications Lead
    Mercedes-Benz U.S. International
  • Kimberly Henderson
    Digital Workplace Technologies Lead