Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Certificate Course for Communicators – Module 2

Bringing Inclusivity to the Forefront for All

Your DE&I strategies should encourage and develop an inclusive workplace culture for all employees, not just those of different racial backgrounds. In this second module, you’ll learn how to create safe spaces like employee resource groups (ERGs) that support vital conversations, accommodate employees’ unique diversity needs, including neurodiverse individuals and those of different gender and religious backgrounds, and how to tailor your DE&I messaging to your organization’s unique goals. You’ll learn:

  • Understanding and implementing ERGs: Enhance employee engagement, promote diversity, and support an inclusive workplace culture by developing ERGs of interest. You’ll learn how to identify areas of interest, form committees, set clear objectives, and establish communication channels for company-wide awareness and participation.
  • C-suite buy-in: Techniques to recruit sympathetic executives to become internal champions of DE&I, including joining ERGs as sponsors.
  • Policies and procedures: How to develop anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies, clear procedures for reporting and addressing incidents, and strategies to share with your organization.
  • Training and education: How to assess training needs for employees, develop tailored content or evaluate potential externally-provided courses or materials, and strategies to roll out across your organization effectively and with minimal disruption to employee’s work.
  • Recruitment and retention: Steps to take to revise non-inclusive recruitment strategies to attract a more diverse talent pool, how to socialize changes among employees, and initiatives to implement to help retain diverse talent.
  • Christina Frantom
    International Communications Lead
    Mercedes-Benz U.S. International