Diversity and inclusion efforts that boost the bottom line and invite all to ‘be our guest’

Though most of today’s communicators and executives recognize that diversity and inclusion play an increasingly important role in their organizations, we’re still struggling to integrate lasting change in authentic and meaningful ways. In this fireside discussion between Tanya Gibson, vice president of diversity, equity, inclusion and human resources for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and Diane Schwartz, CEO of Ragan Communications, you’ll glean insights and ask questions about how you can help drive meaningful change in making your workplace and communications more equitable, welcoming and aligned with your organization’s values.

You’ll learn:

  • The challenges in communicating D&I initiatives both internally and externally—and how you can overcome them
  • Why and how diversity and inclusion functions can be aligned across your organization and its business goals
  • Ways to embed purpose-driven campaigns within your strategies and business functions
  • How communicators can help HR colleagues, executives and more understand and reach D&I benchmarks
  • Diane Schwartz
    Ragan Communications
  • Tanya Gibson
    Vice President of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Human Resource
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of America