Dissolving the Distance: Communicating with a Remote Team

While some workplaces can’t fully resume business and operational efficiencies until employees can safely gather face to face, the past 17 months have taught companies that productivity may have improved in remote environments and many employees have achieved a healthier work-life balance when they don’t have to commute to an office every day. This doesn’t mean that going fully remote isn’t without its challenges – employee engagement can be more difficult, meetings can happen more often than they need to and remote workflows can be trickier to design. We’ll explore the shift in corporate culture around remote work and share mindful messaging tips that can help you close the distance between employees and keep your remote-first workforce productive.

You’ll learn: 

  • How to create digital shared spaces using tools and software that gives every employee a way to feel heard
  • Tips for adjusting the cadence and urgency of meetings, check-ins and more to sustain remote engagement and keep morale high
  • Ways to help your managers work with employees to provide them a voice, through affinity and employee resource groups
  • Soft skills and strategies for having uncomfortable conversations with remote employees in different divisions or departments
  • Resources and strategies that bring your workforce together while respecting their time and schedules
  • Top considerations around diversity and accessibility that affect an employee’s ability to communicate remotely
  • Cat Colella-Graham
    Founder, Chief Employee Experience Officer
    Cheer Partners