Discover Your “Greater Purpose”—A Blueprint to Shape a Brand and Protect It from Crisis

Reputation and issues management among the general public and key stakeholders is more than a challenge. It’s a necessity in today’s always-on world of real time communications. But what if a key stakeholder gives voice to views that put your industry or narrative at risk? Answer: Do some soul searching, rediscover a deeper purpose and create a clear, uplifting message to support your narrative. If you’re successful, you could recast your narrative and turn a threat into an opportunity. Join to hear how two crisis vets did exactly that for the video game industry.

You’ll learn:

  • How to stop, reassess and refocus: Redefining yourself in the midst of reputation risks
  • Repositioning insights and research methods to help you find “greater purpose”
  • Message architecture: A proven process for message testing your new mission
  • How to bet the word out about your new mission across the PESO spectrum
  • Rob Flaherty
  • Andrew Bowins
    Senior Vice President for Communications and Industry Affairs
    Entertainment Software Association (ESA)